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Course textbooks (specific for Dr Hollier's classes), both books are required:

Older editions of the book are fine to use, as long as they are within two editions of the book(s) listed below. Mastering access (if used) must be for the edition listed below.

Paperback laboratory manual
Photographic Atlas
As listed in SIS and GPC bookstore
McAllister, BIOL 1913L Course Pack, Georgia Perimeter Printshop. This is a GPC published laboratory manual and thus has no ISBN.
Leboffe, 2011, Photographic Atlas for Microbiology Lab (Looseleaf), 4th edition, Morton Publishing Company
As listed for non-GPC bookstores
This can only be purchased at the GPC bookstore.
Leboffe & Pierce, 2011, Photographic Atlas for the Microbiology Laboratory, 4th Edition, Morton Publishing Company, ISBN: 0895828723

Microbiology lecture and laboratory courses with Dr Hollier requires student access to the MasteringMicrobiology site. A single access code is used for both courses if the lecture and laboratory courses are taken with Dr Hollier. They will use the access code for the current edition of the lecture text book (listed on the Microbiology lecture textbook page). If the laboratory course is taken with a different instructor, then you may have to have two access codes, one for the lecture class and one for the laboratory class, each specific for the designated course text book. Alternatively, you may not use MasteringMicrobiology with the other course not taken with Dr Hollier.

Access is given through an access code, which is available in new text books that state MasteringMicrobiology is included, with an e-book and access code to the MasteringMicrobiology site, or an access code for MasteringMicrobiology can be purchased separately (if you purchase a used textbook or order it from somewhere else and do not get a MasteringMicrobiology access code with it).

Required materials (specific for Dr Hollier's classes):

Miscellaneous supplies
Miscellaneous supplies
coloring pencils
Permanent marker
A set of coloring pencils (must have pinks, purples, reds, and blues).
Any set will do.

Fine Point Black Permanent Marker.
Any type will do.