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All events except Write It, Do it will have online signup for the events using SignUpGenius.

The signup window is now open and available until the end of February 28 2018. You need to make sure that your email system accepts emails from signupgenius (info@signupgenius.com) and/or does not send it to your spam folder.

Notes for signing up for events:

The online sign-up system will allow you to sign-up, cancel, or swap with one another if you both agree (people who want to swap).

Slots are given for each hour based on the time limit for each event, with a specific number of slots for each hour. Teams will turn up at the start of that hour slot for which they signed up for. The teams will be processed in the order that they arrived. Once the teams for that hour are processed, the event supervisors will return at the start of the next hour time slot. Teams who are not present by the time the last team is processed for that hour will be disqualified, even if they return within that hour time slot. They will not be allowed to compete in a different time slot. Teams must be present at the start of the hour time slot, and remain until they have competed.

Teams will only be allowed to compete at the times they signed up for. Teams who turn up at a different time to what is listed, or did not sign up for a time slot, will NOT be allowed to compete.

The final time slot asignments will be displayed on the links below after the sign-up period has ended.


Summary of these event schedules (jpg version of all events on one screen)

Summary of these event schedules (printable version separated by event)

The print off for the sign-up genius website of who signed up for what when it was closed is here.

A screenshot for the sign-up genius website of who signed up for what when it was closed is here.