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Check this page regularly for updates, as all updates and information are posted here for team coach's. Announcements will NOT be emailed. It is the responsibility of the coach to check for updates and information.

Mar 7, 2018: The photo's for the days events are posted here. All of the 2018 PC Science Olympiad pages will be archived here.

Mar 4, 2018: The results for 2018 Periemter College Divsion C Regional Tournament are posted here. We would like to thank all teams who competed for a wonderful day, and wish the three teams goign to the State tournament good luck. We also would like to thankall of the faculty, staff, and volunteers who helped created the events and colutneered on the day. The list of student volunteers can be found here. Some photo's from theday will be posted within the next few days.

Mar 1, 2018: The signup site has closed for changes. The final schedule of which teams are at which time for each event are listed on the sign-up for events page.

Feb 28, 2018: Rule clarification for MouseTrap Vehicle event: The PC rules state that logs will not be graded. The section stating "Teams are NOT to bring logs to the event location." This means they are not to be turned in to the event coordinators or left at the location during impound. Team members can bring the logs when they come to compete in the event, but cannot ask the event coordinators to look at them in any way or for.

Feb 28, 2018: Rule clarification for Herpetology event: The official lists referenced in the rules page are separate from the ring binder or field guide that each team can bring with them. For the field guide and ring binder, all pages / sheets must remain in the guide / binder (they cannot be taken out). Teams can turn the pages within the guide or ring binder, just not take them out.

Feb 27, 2018: Reminder - Teams competing at the Perimeter College Science Olympiad event are required to complete forms for each student participant and for the team as a whole. These forms can be found on the Teams forms link.

Feb 15, 2018: Please ensure that you complete the forms required for each team member as listed on the Team forms page. The three forms above must be collected by the team coaches. They need to be scanned in and saved as pdf files. Team coaches will email three separate pdf files to mhollier@gsu.edu 7 days prior to event. One pdf file will be for the consent and release for minor's presence in laboratory forms for all particiapnts from the team / school. One pdf file will be for rules for minors and visitors in research laboratories for all particiapnts from the team / school. One pdf file will be for vivarium facilities form, and the release form for all participants from the team / school. Please being the original signed forms to the team coaches room on the day of the event.

Feb 15, 2018: Please remember that we have specific rules for our events, that are located on the GA and PC Specific Event Rules page.

Feb 15, 2018: The schedule has been updated to list locations for each of the events. The times of the events have not changed. Images of the gym area for Helicopters and MouseTrap Vehicle are shown on the GA and PC Specific Event Rules page.

Feb 08, 2018: The schedule has been updated for the Mission Possible event. A maximum of 5 slots is available in each time slot, with a third time slot from 12pm to 1pm being created. All teams that were currently signed up for this event have not been changed (you still have the same slot that you signed up for). This occurred due to a misinterpretation in the setup time limit for this event. Adding the setup time to the event time limits the ability to running 5 devices only in each slot (instead of the 12 originally allocated).

Feb 02, 2018: The computer specifications for theGame On event have been added.

Dec 11, 2017: The online signup page is now live.

Dec 08, 2017: The online signup page will go live on Monday December 11, 2017 at 10am. The link for the signup will be posted on the online sign-up page when it has been published. From past experience, the publishing of the signup site to when the signup website sends the automated emails can take anywhere between a minute and a few hours. As soon as the signup has been published, the link to the signup will be made on available on the online sign-up page (the time this also takes can vary from a few seconds to a few hours, but is often quicker than the signup website), which could be before you receive your email. I recommend checking the online sign-up page at 10am on Monday Dec 11, 2017.

Dec 07, 2017: The room assignments will be made In January. Georgia State University will not allow us to book rooms until a couple of weeks after classes have started for the semester. When they are confirmed, the locations will be added to the schedule. Photographs of rooms for device events will also posted in the GA and PC Specific event Rules pagewhen we know the locations.

Nov 11, 2017: The online signup for all events will be released in early December. The signup will not be available until all teams for our location have been assigned to us to allow equal opportunity for selecting slots. The team assignments will be sent to us in early December by the State Director. When we can release the signup is dependent on when we receive team assignments. The Write It, Do It event will have a signup slot for all teams so we can who intends to compete in it. More information is located on the Sign-up for Events page.

Nov 04, 2017: Teams competing at the Perimeter College Science Olympiad event are required to complete forms for each student participant and for the team as a whole. These forms can be found on the Teams forms link.

Nov 04, 2017: Definitions of electronic devices and calculaotrs is available on the Electronic Devices page. The definitions of calculators on this page will be used for all events according to how it is worded in the event descriptions provided by the National Science Olympiad Organization.

Nov 04, 2017: Tentative schedule is now available on the event information and schedule page.

Nov 04, 2017: Check the page for Georgia specific rules and GPC specific rules for events.

Nov 04, 2017: This year we are piloting an online sign-up for almost all events with the exception of the Write It, Do It event. Schools with two teams must signup in the same time slot. More information is located on the Sign-up for Events page.

Nov 04, 2017: We are already working hard to prepare for this event, as I am sure you are also. If you know now that you will have any students with physical disabilities, please advise us now before we begin scheduling rooms for the events. Please note that we may not offer all (or any) of the trial events, depending upon the availability of personnel and rooms, since these are not required events. This will be decided as we develop the final schedule and you will be advised of our decision. The rules for the trial events may be found on the national web site.

Nov 04, 2017: When you come, please plan to park in Student Lot #6 (near Buildings “CG and CB"). This lot can be accessed from Memorial Drive (there is a sign, but it may be easily overlooked) or Lots #4 and 5 near building CF (off of Memorial College Drive).

Nov 04, 2017: Right now, we are planning on scheduling events (including registration) in buildings "N", "C", "D", G (Gym), and the JCLRC (Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center). Building "N" is the Student Center and that is where students will probably want to gather when they are not involved in events. The awards ceremony will most likely be in the Auditorium of the JCLRC (the library). It is a fairly small campus with covered walkways, so we hope that you will be able to navigate the campus easily.