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Announcements for the 2017 PC Science Olympiad.

Check this page regularly for updates, as all updates and information are posted here for team coach's. Announcements will NOT be emailed. It is the responsibility of the coach to check for updates and information.

March 21, 2017: The pictures from the day have been uploaded to the 2017 pictures page here.

March 04, 2017: Thanks to all event coordinators and teams for another wonderful day for everyone!

March 04, 2017: Results are available here. Photos from the days event will be appearing over the next few days, another announcement will be posted when they are available.

March 04, 2017: A list of student volunteers is available here.

March 03, 2017: For all signup events, teams must be present at the start time of the time slot they are signed up for. Turning up late will result in them not being able to compete in that event.

March 02, 2017: Some teams have not emailed their roster yet! Please get that to me electronically ASAP in the excel file.

March 02, 2017: The final version has been published and is available here. One event, Hovercraft, has moved to CC-2230.

March 02, 2017: The final line up for the signup events has been published and is available here.

Feb 27, 2017: Schedule has been adjusted to correctly list the Optics written exam as 11:00-11:30. It was listed in that time slot, but written as 10:00-10:30. The slot information was correct, not the numeric time.

Feb 27, 2017: The signup site for device events will be closed at 11:59pm on 03/01/17. The final schedules will be posted on the signup page on this website when assimilated.

Feb 27, 2017: Please email the completed excel files (found on this page) for your team rosters by Wednesday 03/01/17.

Feb 22, 2017: Perimeter College Admissions and Recruitment Team will be welcoming you to our campus on the day of the event. They will be able to answer questions regarding admissions to Georgia State University and to Georgia State University Perimeter College. If your school, students, or parents have questions, feel free to ask them on the day.

Feb 22, 2017: As a reminder, the device signup events close for signing up on March 1, 2017 at 11:59pm. At that time, the signup events are set, and will be posted on this website as a final schedule ASAP after that time.

Feb 22, 2017: I apologize for the delay in getting schedule finalized with room locations, it has been quite a challenge this year since the Merger of Georgia Perimeter College and Georgia State University with policy and adminsitrative changes. The schedule on the event information and schedule page now includes room locations for the different events.

Feb 22, 2017: We understand that time slot 1 teams have a challenge at the 9am time slot due to the number of events and number of team members, that was identified to us in mid-January. At that point, adjusting the schedule was not possible this year due to scheduling problems and due to teams already planning their team rosters based on that schedule. We cannot change Science Olympiad National Rules regarding team sizes either. The college holds classes on Saturdays and we have to fit our events around the classes. We cannot interfere with regular classes or the number of instructional hours for a class. Due to this, we have to try to fit events in rooms around classes, and that limits are options significantly. We also only have limited rooms available to us, as the Science department does not have priority to all rooms on campus. To try to avoid any problems, we do rotate teams between time slot 1 and 2 each year for those who come frequently, so that any bias on the schedule is spread evenly on the teams over time. The schedule this year follows the same scheduling as previous years, with new and old events swapped out, and no one has ever reported this issue previously. For future years, we will do our best to avoid this problem, as best as we can.

Dec 13, 2016: Online Signup site has been released.

Dec 6, 2016: Time slot information has been updated (I pasted most of the teams into the wrong time slots, sorry!). I have also updated the schedule to remove technical problem solving (well i have pushed the update to the website and hopefully it will show soon).

Dec 6, 2016: Welcome email to team coaches has been sent. Future communications of announcements, etc. will not be sent by email. It is up to the team coaches to check this web page frequently.

Dec 6, 2016: The online device signup page will go live on Tuesday December 13, 2016 at 9am. The link for the signup will be posted on the online sign-up for device events page when it has been published. From past experience, the publishing of the signup site to when the signup website sends the automated emails can take a few hours. As soon as the signup has been published, the link to the signup will be made on available on the online sign-up for device events page, which could be before you receive your email. I recommend checking the online sign-up for deveice events page at 9am on Tuesday Dec 13, 2016.

Dec 6, 2016: Time slots for teams are posted on the time slot assignments page.

Dec 2, 2016: The list of schools attending the PC Science Olympiad event is still pending from the State Directors. When it is received, the assignment of teams to time slots will be made and published on this website. An email will be sent out to the team coaches using the emails provided to the State Directors letting them know to check this website for all information. The Signup site for device signup events has been created, and the release date to team coaches will be announced on this website. The release date will be approximately one week after the email to team coaches has been sent to allow them to work things out for their team(s) prior to the signup period. The web address for the signup site will also be posted on this website prior to the going live date.

Dec 1, 2016: Tentative schedule has been updated to remove the duplication of the Hovercraft event. The incorrect Hovercraft times have been removed.

Nov 17, 2016: Tentative schedule has been updated for Hovercraft and Optics.

Oct 26, 2016: Tentative schedule is now available on the event information and schedule page.

Oct 26, 2015: Check the page for Georgia specific rules and GPC specific rules for events.

Oct 26, 2016: The online device sign-up will be made available before December 2016, and will remain open until the Wednesday before the event. More information is located on the Online Sign-up for Device Events page (check this page regularly for updates!). You MUST register with the sign-up site before hand using the email address that you used when regsitered with the State Directors.

Oct 26, 2016: Please use this Official Roster form to list your participants. Email the completed excel file to mhollier@gsu.edu three days prior to the event and bring a printed and signed copy with you on the day of the event.

Oct 26, 2016: We are already working hard to prepare for this event, as I am sure you are also. If you know now that you will have any students with physical disabilities, please advise us now before we begin scheduling rooms for the events. Please note that we may not offer all (or any) of the trial events, depending upon the availability of personnel and rooms, since these are not required events. This will be decided as we develop the final schedule and you will be advised of our decision. The rules for the trial events may be found on the national web site.

Oct 26, 2016: When you come, please plan to park in Student Lot #6 (near Buildings “CG and CB"). This lot can be accessed from Memorial Drive (there is a sign, but it may be easily overlooked) or Lots #4 and 5 near building CF (off of Memorial College Drive).

Oct 26, 2016: Right now, we are planning on scheduling events (including registration) in buildings "N", "C", "D", G (Gym), and the JCLRC (Jim Cherry Learning Resource Center). Building "N" is the Student Center and that is where students will probably want to gather when they are not involved in events. The awards ceremony will most likely be in the Auditorium of the JCLRC (the library). It is a fairly small campus with covered walkways, so we hope that you will be able to navigate the campus easily.